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  • How to Build a Business on Word of Mouth


    Nicole Harris has taken her business from the bedroom to the boardroom – literally. Harris and is CEO of One Last Frog, an event planning company that specializes in marriage proposals and romantic dates. Yet, Harris routinely finds herself planning large, upscale events for large companies. She pulls this off through a targeted word of […]

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  • How Nerdy Entrepreneurs Can Take Over The World


    The age of the Nerd has long since arrived. Finally, pop-culture has discovered the greatness of video games, comic books and board games. Yet, many self-identified “Nerdy Entrepreneurs” are still hiding in the shadows. Although the majority of society  has picked up on the nerd culture, it is still hard to love nerdy things and do well […]

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  • 5 Marketing Challenges for Service-based Entrepreneurs


    Starting a business is hard, but starting a service-based business can be downright discouraging. Despite that, the perks to being a service-based entrepreneur outweigh the drawbacks. In particular, you get to help people. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life – except for maybe getting well paid while helping […]